The Iron Horse

The Sound Defects return with their third album of beats, breaks, and associated general mayhem. The follow-up to 2004′s celebrated “Volume 2“,”The Iron Horse” is epic in it’s cinematic scope. Like the soundtrack to the greatest film you’ve never seen, this collection of tracks shifts from gritty orchestrated scores to uptempo car chase funk to laid-back down home joints.

Release Date: 18 November, 2008
Band Members: SP1200, S950, MPC60
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Record Label: Tone Def Systems
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Funk / Soul
Style: Hip Hop, Instrumental, Breaks, Funk

We make beats.
Beats for your car or your headphones.
Beats for your movie or TV show.
Beats for you to sing along with or rap over.
Beats to make your little sister dance.
This is what we do.
And we’ve been doing it a while, so we’re pretty good at it.
So sit back, enjoy the sounds, and let us do what we do best.


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